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The oil and gas industry is very exacting in its requirements, both in terms of product and quality assurance. Our stock range of offshore, marine, and high-strength structural grades in plates, structural sections, and tubulars, together with our relationships with mainstream European producers, ensures that we are ideally placed to provide all steel requirements from project start-up to completion.


With over 50 years of extensive experience in many demanding project driven industries, our range of structural, high strength and offshore grades are used commonly by this sector. As such, we fully recognise and meet the quality assurance and project management requirements of this ever expanding and exciting sector.


Our experience in the oil and gas sector means SPS synchronises beautifully into the construction sector. We fully recognise the requirements from the perspectives of materials, approvals, service and quality. Supplying a range of high strength plates, structural sections, and tubulars. We understand the need for and provide appropriate accreditation and full material traceability throughout the supply chain as well as the requirement for consistent and high levels of service.


SPS have been providing steel solutions to the power industry for over 10 years – both in the UK and internationally. In that time, we have built an excellent reputation within the industry and recently provided the raw material and project management for some of the largest nuclear projects in the UK. We are a key partner to tier 1 and tier 2 clients in the power generation and decommissioning sites across the UK.


With strong relationships throughout the UK defence industry, SPS has and continues to play a central role in many large projects. Our in-depth stock range and our trading partnerships across the globe, coupled with our knowledge and experience of the sector’s needs, enables us to be a trusted partner in major project delivery.

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