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Green Steel

Around the world, the steel industry has geared towards a sustainable future, Steel Plate and Sections are no different. We are happy to introduce our range of Green Steel.

What is Green Steel?

Green steel is steel that is produced using renewable energy and hydrogen, instead of fossil fuels. This makes it a much more sustainable option than traditional steel production, which accounts for around 7% of global greenhouse gas emissions.

Also called sustainable or eco-friendly steel, green steel is a new way of making steel that aims to have the least amount of impact on the environment throughout its full lifecycle. Because traditional steel production uses an abundance of fossil fuels and releases a large amount of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, people are looking for alternative options that will combat climate change.

One important way to make steel "green" is to use energy from natural sources in the manufacturing process. To achieve this, it is necessary to switch from processes that use fossil fuels to cleaner ones, such as direct reduction iron (DRI) that runs on hydrogen or electric arc furnaces that use renewable energy. Using green energy cuts down on carbon emissions, which makes the process of making steel more environmentally friendly.

A More Eco-Friendly Steel Option

Recycling is a critical component of green steel projects. Promoting the reuse of steel scrap in production cuts down on the need for new iron ore, which saves energy and natural resources. The circular economy approach, in which steel is recycled and used again, is in line with sustainability goals because it cuts down on waste and damage to the environment.

New technologies aid in the transition to green steel. To make steel production even better for the environment, researchers are constantly looking into ways to improve electrolysis techniques for making hydrogen and carbon capture technologies. To raise the standards of business, researchers are also always on the lookout for new materials and methods that use less energy or produce fewer emissions.

To speed up the steel industry's adoption of environmentally friendly practices, incentives, rules, and agreements are being set up. This change is both good for the environment and in line with the rising demand from customers and investors for products that are both socially responsible and good for the environment.

The Steel Of The Future

Green steel is an important step towards a more sustainable future because it reduces the huge amount of carbon dioxide released when standard steel is made. As the industry changes, it will be important for everyone involved to work together, for companies to spend money on research and development, and for eco-friendly technologies to be used. Only then will green steel techniques become widely used.

Already, the future of green steel is very bright. There are a number of companies that are developing and deploying green steel production technologies. Additionally, many governments around the world are providing financial support for green steel projects. As the demand for green steel increases and the cost of production comes down, it is expected that green steel will become the dominant form of steel production in the future. This will have a significant positive impact on the environment and on the global economy.

Regardless of whether you're operating offshore, or are in the construction, renewables, defence, or nuclear sectors, choosing green steel from SPS ensures a commitment to environmentally responsible practices. SPS adopts sustainable manufacturing processes, utilising renewable energy sources, and emphasising steel recycling. Purchasing green steel from us not only supports eco-friendly initiatives but also contributes to a more sustainable and responsible supply chain. Contact us for more information.

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