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BM Steel Partners with Stahlwerk Thüringen


BM Steel Group, a frontrunner in the UK's steel trading sector, is delighted to announce a groundbreaking partnership with Stahlwerk Thüringen, enhancing its commitment towards climate protection and sustainability. This strategic alliance marks a significant milestone in the journey towards environmental conservation in the steel industry.

Through this partnership, Stahlwerk Thüringen will supply BM Steel Group with its innovative CO2-reduced product line, SWT Stahlwerk Thüringen Green Steel®. This collaboration not only underlines BM Steel Group's dedication to using environmentally friendly products and services but also aligns with their continuous efforts to reduce energy consumption and increase the energy efficiency of their equipment, vehicles, and buildings.

Kyle Greenwood, CEO of BM Steel Group, expressed his enthusiasm about this partnership, stating, "We want to promote the use of climate-friendly steel in the UK and are convinced that the market is now ready for it." This statement reflects the company's proactive approach to leading the steel industry towards a more sustainable future.

Key figures from both companies, including Jon Cooke (Agency SWT), Henry Ewald (Sales Coordination SWT), Alexander Stier (Head of Sales & Logistics SWT), and Christophe Cluzel (Director of Supply Chain and Support Services BM Steel Group), have expressed their support and commitment to this initiative.
This partnership is poised to set a new standard for sustainability in the steel industry, encouraging other companies to make a positive impact on the environment through responsible business practices.

10th May 2024

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